Adventure Update: Instagram Following and More Content to Come

20180702_120500Hello Dear Readers, do you remember me? I know it has been awhile, but I have some exciting news to report, and some promises for new content in the works!

I’d like to say that the reason that I have been so delinquent in posting is solely because of summer vacation, but really, it is that I have been working like crazy (with a little dash of some summer fun too) and parenting and honestly, I don’t know how all the other bloggers out there do it! It takes a lot of time to put together content, and I stand in awe of the bloggers who are able to keep up with it all. For me, though, traveling and blogging are not my jobs, they are just my passions. I promise I am trying to keep up with it, but please do forgive me for lags, as they will continue to happen from time to time.

On a similar (but somewhat tangential) topic, I’ve recently been asked by some what it is that I actually do for work, so I will  tell you just enough to not have to plaster “My Opinions Are My Own” all over my posts:

activity-board-game-connection-613508 (1)

I am a Practice Group Administrator at a Intellectual Property law firm.

That explains it, right? Okay, let’s move on… No? Okay, I will explain a bit further:

Basically, I manage US Prosecution for patent filings for a collection of really exciting and interesting Life Science clients (basically Biotech and Pharma companies). In addition to keeping things running for my own clients, I oversee a small team of other US Assistants/Paralegals for the Life Science practice group and manage training for my group and for the firm at large. If all of that sounds exhausting, it is because it is! But, it is super interesting and I work with some of the finest people. I also get 5 weeks of vacation time per year, which is how I am able to travel once every couple of months (another question I get asked a lot).

So, between work and being a mom and stepmom, life is busy – but never fret! It is not yet too busy for any fears of throwing in the towel! There are a lot of exciting things going on for the Adventures with Baby blog, and we have some great content on its way!


For starters, while I haven’t had as much time to write as I’d like, I have been working to increase Adventures with Baby’s footprint on Instagram (and if you aren’t already following, please do go on and follow me: @kellyelisabethb). I am excited to say that the current following has amassed to 10,000 followers! I am honestly floored to think that there are 10,000 people (with probably a few Russian bots thrown in) that are interested enough to keep up with our adventures! With this platform, I have had the great pleasure to start connecting with other travel-lovers, fashion-lovers and just general lovers of life. I haven’t developed enough confidence to use Instagram stories to talk directly to followers, but I am getting there, and hoping that it will help me get the confidence needed to build some Youtube travel videos – but all in time!


And now that I have run through Adventures Past and Adventures Present, here is some update on Adventures Yet to Come:

There are several posts that in the works, some based on my own passions and interests, and some based on feedback and questions that I have received. Some of the content you can expect in the coming weeks and months (in no particular order) include:

Travel Toy Favorites (also could be titled: How to Keep Your Kid From Driving You Crazy), A Day in Nassau, The Joys of Long Layovers, Cruise Comparisons, Pumping on the Go, Favorite Souvenir Ideas…and some stories and highlights from my recent family trip to Ireland (Potentially to be titled: How to Plan a Trip that Two Seniors, a Married Couple, an Unmarried Couple, a Bachelor and a Toddler Won’t Hate) and other reflections on past adventures and travel that is around the corner.

So that’s it for now, but stay tuned, because there is much to come!



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