Welcome to Adventures with Baby

Where to start…

A wise man once said, “If I’m gonna tell a story, I’m gonna start with my name.” Granted, this same wise man also said, “All I need in this lifetime: Pussy and Patron…”, but I’ll take liberty to cherry-pick quotes that work in my favor, and will let Kendrick Lamar’s earlier wisdom be my guide.

I’m Kelly. I am a traveler, a mother, a wife, a fashion-lover, a hard-working member of the 9-5 workforce …and now, apparently, a blogger.

It is with a bit of trepidation that I enter into the blogging world, in part because the internet can be a cruel beast (I am so thankful that my 16 year old stepson has no interest in social media because the internet trolls are many, and they are vicious), but more so because I am sincerely worried about becoming annoying. Years ago, I had fancied myself a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw and began a blog that denigrated into a dating whine-fest and truly was one of the most ghastly and annoying parades of bullshit to ever grace the internet…and knowing the internet, that is saying a lot. I still shudder at the self-importance of the whole thing.

So, why are you starting this blog, Kelly?

Great question, reader! Well, I am here, sharing my non-expert opinions with you all, because I truly do believe that I have some positive thoughts to throw out into the web-sphere. In addition to that, I feel like there are certain aspects of my lifestyle that sometime garner questions. In particular, many ask about how my husband and I have been able to travel to the amazing places that we have visited in the past 6 years together – and further still, many of my friends and acquaintances ask for advice or details about traveling to some of those places with our 16 year old son and 16 month old daughter. I am excited to finally start putting together some of our favorite travel tips and stories, from booking to adventuring to landing back home in (mostly) one piece.

Peppered throughout my intention of travel-related fun, I also plan to share some of our non-travel adventures. Very early after my daughter was born, I started using the hashtag #adventureswithbaby on the Instagram photos that I shared. She brought so much excitement into our lives and in those first few days, looking at her sweet little face I just thought, well, isn’t this going to be an exciting adventure? Since those first few hectic and beautiful days, we have worked to fill her life with adventures – as exotic as destinations half-way across the globe, and as casual as frequent trips to the aquarium and local parks.

So, with hopefully-not-too-much ado, I welcome you to share in my Adventures with (and without) Baby.


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